About Us

We at Integrity Publishing Solutions believe that together we can change the world through our faith in Jesus Christ. To do this effectively we must be willing to step forward, publicly declare our belief in our Lord and demonstrate our faith in our daily life. Each of us must take our place as community business leaders, profess our belief in the Word of God and demonstrate our belief in how we conduct our businesses with both believers and non believers. Integrity Publishing Solutions is dedicated to bringing Christians and Christian businesses together in an effective and professional manner that honors God.  We achieve that through online, print and mobile media.

In today’s economy, Christians are looking for businesses they can trust. They want a fair job for a fair price. But more than that, Christians want to know that the dollars they are spending are going back to serving the Lord, whether through tithes, offerings, missions, etc. What better way to find that business than in the Christian Business Phone Book.


Every Business is asked to sign the following “Profession of Faith” and “Business Ethics Agreement.”

“I have received Jesus Christ as my personal savior, and believe that He is the only true begotten Son of God. I believe that unless a man be born again, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. It is my plan to live my life for His glory. I pledge to hold myself and my business to the highest biblical code of ethics in my transactions and to treat each client with the utmost respect and integrity.”

By signing the “Profession of Faith” The business is actually making a statement of their true faith. A step that is missing in secular yellow pages. More than just inserting a “fish” or a “cross” in their ad.


  • Supporting Christian Businesses help support Christian Families, Christian values,  Christian lifestyles, etc…
  • Dollars spent with Christian businesses go back to serving the Lord through tithes, offerings, missions, etc.
  • Christian Non Profit organizations are given a free ad to tell about their ministry and what they are doing for the Lord
  • We list every Christian church free of charge in our Church Guide (We do not sell any display ads to churches). We don’t believe it honors or pleases God for churches to compete with each other for ad space, especially in a Christian directory.
  • The Christian Business Phone Book uses scripture as filler spots for inspiration and growth.
  • At the front of each directory are articles like “How to be Saved,” “Christian Business Ethics,” “How to Pray,” “Why go to Church” etc. So that whoever picks up the Christian Business Phone Book has the opportunity to grow closer to God.
  • The Christian Business Phone Book is distributed through “Christian” venues such as Churches, Christian book stores, Christian colleges and Christian student unions.
  • The Christian Business Phone Book is also distributed through “secular” venues such as chambers, local businesses, schools, etc.  Sometimes, our book is the only scripture that passes through non believer’s doors.
  • Last but certainly not least, the Christian Business Phone Book gives Christian consumers and Christian Businesses the opportunity to minister to each other.