Allowing Jesus to compose your life

February 4, 2013

There’s a story of a little boy whose mother took him to a piano concert given by the renowned pianist, Paderewski.  As the mother was getting her seat situated, the little boy scurried away from her and made his way up to the grand piano on stage.  As no one was watching he began to play the only song he knew, Chopsticks.  As some of the crowd grew angry at the little boy, some were amused by what he was doing.  When Paderewski saw what was happening, he quickly went up to the piano on stage and started playing along with him.  As the two began to create a beautiful sonata together, the crowd began to applaud at the awe inspiring music they both were making.    Paderewski quietly whispered to the little boy “Keep going.  Don’t quit, son.  Keep playing.  Don’t stop.  Don’t quit.”  As the little boy and Paderewski continued, the music grew into something so amazing that no one at the concert hall would ever forget.

You see, our lives are a lot like that little boy.  Sometimes all we know how to play is Chopsticks, but then Jesus sits down beside us and starts playing along, filling in the notes that we don’t know.  He tells us to “keep going.  Don’t quit, my son.  Keep playing.  Don’t stop. Don’t quit.”  And as long as we keep playing, He’ll be there composing our lives for His glory.  There are times when the only song we may know is Chopsticks, all we have to do is to begin playing and allow Jesus to create symphonies.